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Attapulgite clay, thickeners and rheology modifiers, and land reclamation at a Mingguang mining site
The clay mineral Attapulgite derives its non-swelling needle-like morphology from its three-dimensional crystal structure.
Attapulgite is a hydrous magnesium aluminosilicate that is used as a thixotropic thickener, anti-settling agent,
Molecular-Sieve Type 3A
Attapulgite thixotropic agent used in dry mixing mortar
ZSM-5  Abstract
Attapulgite used in dry mixing mortar
Insulated glass dehydration
Adsorption of nitrogen from air using a pressure or vacuum swing system to obtain oxygen purity up to 95%
NATURAL GAS dehydration
Dehydration of alkylation feed, refinery gas streams


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