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Which dryers with 4A molecular sieve function

Jan. 21, 2021

Latent heat thermal masses usually employ special salts or types of paraffin as the storage medium since these materials can absorb huge amounts of thermal energy (such as heat of fusion). When the thermal energy is discharged, the thermal mass solidifies. During this process, the thermal mass returns the large amount of heat it previously absorbed back into the environment. The temperature remains constant during the transition from one state of matter to another since all the heat entering the system is invested in the change of state. Just think of the drink kept cool by ice cubes – at normal pressure, a mixture of water and ice maintains a constant temperature of 0 °C. These innovative refrigeration dryers with 4A molecular sieve exploit the analogous principle of liquefying and solidifying for thermal management purposes.

At a basic level, these dryers with 4A molecular sieve function as follows: when compressed air requires cooling, from a starting temperature of 5 °C, for example, the coolant compressor is switched on. The refrigeration dryer first cools the paraffin to a temperature of around 3 °C while the compressed air cools simultaneously. During this extended period, the temperature remains constant because the paraffin is undergoing a phase change from fluid to solid. Once this process is complete, the material is cooled somewhat more, to around 2 °C. The coolant compressor then switches off the supply current. The compressed air then flows into the heat exchanger, which is surrounded by the solidified paraffin, where the air gradually warms the paraffin, which in turn keeps the compressed air cool as it changes from the solid to fluid state. This process continues until a set maximum temperature threshold is reached, at which point the coolant compressor switches on the supply current and the whole cycle begins afresh.

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