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how to operate Blower Purge Regenerative Dryer with 4A zeolite

Feb. 19, 2021

A heated blower purge type regenerative air Dryer with 4A zeolite  incorporates the same (usually larger) external heater as the externally heated type Dryer with 4A zeolite .  In this type unit the purge air from the compressed air system can be eliminated by incorporating a blower which uses atmospheric air in place of the compressed air that has been discussed on the previous type of units.  The trade off here is the blower consumes additional electricity but is decidedly  more efficient than the air compressor itself.  This also allows all of the compressed air to be utilized by the plant as none is required for Dryer with 4A zeolite  regeneration.

Advantages of Externally Heated Blower Purge Regenerative Desiccant Type Dryer with 4A zeolite s include:

Low dew points can be achieved without potential freeze-up.

Activated Alumina desiccant

No purge air required

All compressed air is available for plant use

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