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The recent development of this new dryers with molecular sieve

Jan. 28, 2021

Environmental stewardship

The system is equipped with an automatic condensate drain as standard, so that the resulting condensate can be separated out and subsequently treated in an environmentally-friendly manner. The valves are highly accessible for straightforward maintenance, and the condenser can be cleaned with ease. The new refrigeration dryer

with molecular sieve models are designed to allow for setup adjacent a wall, further reducing the space required for the whole compressed air with molecular sieve station.

Gateway to further development

The recent development of this new thermal mass system serves as a gateway that will enable even larger dryers with molecular sieve to be equipped with this innovative thermal mass technology. This will primarily benefit systems in the capacity range beyond the technical limits of thermal mass dryers with molecular sieve, for which weight and size considerations have previously made this technology an impractical option. In the coming years therefore, even more models with greater capacities can be expected to enter the market. Although this technology can also be applied to the lower capacity range, the fact that thermal mass dryers with molecular sieve are already an excellent solution in this area means that the greater capacity range is expected to be the primary focus of development efforts.

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