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consumption of these new refrigeration dryers with 4A molecular sieve

Jan. 26, 2021

Reduced pressure loss, reduced energy requirement

Moreover, the recently developed thermal mass offers further advantages in terms of energy efficiency. The compact design has allowed pressure losses to be reduced to a mere 0.15 bar, compared to values of 0.20 bar and more characteristic of conventional models. The input energy requirements of PCM thermal mass dryers are also exceptionally low: the system requires less than 87 watts per m³/min to dry compressed air with 4A molecular sieve.

Furthermore, the new thermal mass technology means that the entire dryer can be significantly lighter and more compact – the new units require up to 46 percent less installation space and weigh around 60 percent less than conventional thermal mass dryers with 4A molecular sieve on the market. These size advantages are made possible by new, smaller components as well as intelligent component layout.

When the heat exchanger system was redesigned, the entire cooling system received a design upgrade along with the air heat exchanger. Now a highly efficient scroll compressor has replaced the previously used reciprocating compressor. The capillary tube often used in refrigeration dryers has been replaced by an expansion valve, a development mirrored in many other refrigeration dryers with 4A molecular sieve today. In earlier machines, a clearly graduated capillary injected a specific quantity of coolant; however, this method resulted in poor filling outside of the design point. To balance this disadvantage, capillaries require greater quantities of coolant and higher output from the coolant compressors. Expansion valves completely avoid this disadvantage because they can regulate the quantities dynamically, depending on the load. As a result, significantly less coolant is required and the coolant compressors can run at a much lower output.

The refrigeration dryer’s condenser has been replaced by a micro-channel condenser which features outstanding mechanical stability and excellent effectiveness in accomplishing heat transfer with the cool air. Refrigeration dryer performance is enhanced still further by this innovation. The total volume of coolant required by the systems has also been drastically reduced thanks to the more precise dosing system. A further impressive engineering achievement is the total power consumption of these new refrigeration dryers with 4A molecular sieve, which require 50% less power than comparable conventional equipment available on the market.

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