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Molecular Sieve

Types of our Molecular Sieve

1.A Type molecular sieve


1.Applied in the dehydrating gas streams of unsaturated hydrocarbon (e.g ethylene,propylene,butadiene,acetylene etc) in olefin crackers prior to cryogenic separation of LPG or other olefin products;

2.Dehydration of benzene, toluene,xylene and other solvents(e.g. ethanol, methanol);

3.Natural gas dehydration and with min. COS formation;

4.Dehydration of food - grade carbon dioxide;

5.Dehydration of oil and jet fuel.

2.X Type Molecular sieve


1.Removal of water, carbon dioxide and hydrocarbons from feed gas in air pre-purification units;

2.PSA separation for ISO/normal paraffin (n-C4~n-C6 mixture);

3.Purification of air, oxygen, nitrogen,hydrogen and synthesis gases from mixed gas streams;

4.Dehydration and purification of LPG(Liquefied Petroleum Gas) ammonia cracked gas and other industrial gases or liquids;

5.Dehydration and purification of inert gas.

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