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what's compressed air with molecular sieve station

Jan. 27, 2021

Internal controller ensures optimal performance

Like other components of any state-of-the-art compressed air with molecular sieve station, PCM thermal mass dryers can be controlled to great effect and integrated into a compressed air with molecular sieve system. These refrigeration dryers with molecular sieve are equipped with a microprocessor controller which regulates and controls thermal mass operation while also delivering a wide range of efficient analysis and monitoring functions. Unit operation is straightforward and intuitive thanks to a generously dimensioned colour display and language-neutral menu navigation; the controller also features a memory bank and error code display functionality while also allowing the user to connect a separate dew point measurement device. Even without it, however, during all load phases the refrigeration dryer with molecular sieve maintains a stable pressure dew point and keeps coolant compressor with molecular sieve switching to a minimum.

The system also includes a service message feature, P&I diagram and supports communication with master control systems via alarm contacts. This makes it easy to integrate the unit into an overall system involving monitoring, controlling and coordination of the complete compressed air production process. Connecting a master control system allows data from the refrigeration dryer with molecular sieve to be analysed, monitored and documented for the long-term via PC. This makes it possible, for example, to perform detailed, long-term evaluation of key data to document energy management in accordance with ISO 500001.

Environmental stewardship

The system is equipped with an automatic condensate drain as standard, so that the resulting condensate can be separated out and subsequently treated in an environmentally-friendly manner. The valves are highly accessible for straightforward maintenance, and the condenser can be cleaned with ease. The new refrigeration dryer models with molecular sieve are designed to allow for setup adjacent a wall, further reducing the space required for the whole compressed air with molecular sieve station.

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