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what's Some other efficiency measures related to desiccant dryers

Mar. 04, 2021

Switch to refrigerated – Sometimes a plant does not need desiccant-quality compressed air, but continues to use dryers with molecular sieve because of past practice.

Right-size your dryers with molecular sieve – A very large dryer with molecular sieve can affect system efficiency if not properly controlled. However, care should be taken to ensure that dryers with molecular sieve are sized for worst-case conditions; this often requires dryers with molecular sieve to be sized larger than the capacity of the connected compressors.

Calibrate dew-point controls – The dew-point sensors in a controlled dryer with molecular sieve can become contaminated or out of calibration, causing malfunction of the control. The reading should be compared with another calibrated independent meter on a regular basis.

Upgrade and maintain filters – Desiccant dryers with molecular sieve can often be purchased with dual inlet filters; if installed in parallel, they can reduce the pressure differential to one-quarter the normal level. Filters will cause excessive pressure differential if not maintained.

Be vigilant about keeping free water out – Free water must not be allowed to enter the dryers. Small wet receivers or some sort of separator rated for water removal should be installed directly ahead of the dryer.

Check purge adjustment – The purge flow can become out of adjustment during the life of a dryer with molecular sieve dessicant. Check this adjustment regularly.

Maintain purge mufflers – Plugged purge exhaust mufflers restrict the flow and can cause incomplete desiccant regeneration.

Maintain switching valves – Switching-valve failure causing valve leakage can allow wet air to enter the dryer with molecular sieve from the active side. This causes the dryer with molecular sieve to consume much more purge than normal and results in incomplete regeneration. On lightly loaded dryers, this condition can go undetected for long periods of time.

Turn off the cooling purge – Some heated blower dryer with molecular sieve makes and models allow turning off the cooling purge under certain conditions where short dew-point spikes will not cause system problems.

Monitor dryer with molecular sieve hours – Some dryer with molecular sieve controls report the status of the dryer with molecular sieve and the percentage savings. Keeping a log of these numbers and comparing them week to week can show whether something has gone wrong.

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