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what's Filtration

Feb. 23, 2021

To protect the molecular sieve desiccant bed a coalescing filter is required upstream of the dryer to remove any liquid water and/or vapors that have been ingested by the compressor with molecular sieve. To protect downstream equipment from molecular sieve desiccant dust or “fines”, a particulate filter downstream of the dryer also is also recommended.

While on the topic of filtration I would like to interject my personal opinion that a heated type regenerative dryer should NOT be used with lubricated type air compressors with molecular sieve.  I have witnessed instances where oil contamination from the compressor reached and collected on the molecular sieve desiccant.  This not only renders the molecular sieve desiccant useless but is also a fire hazard as bed temperatures can reach over 400 degrees F.

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