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Tips on Using Molecular Sieve

Mar. 22, 2021

It provides valuable safety information regarding the handling of the material.Molecular Sieves have the ability to absorb moisture from the air quickly. For maximum effectiveness care should be taken to minimize transfer time. Store unused Molecular Sieves in their original moisture proof container

Molecular Sieve is water reactive. Material can react with water liberating extreme heat.The FEIZHOU packet provides protection from direct contact with Molecular Sieve. Avoid using damaged or torn packets.Molecular Sieves are supplied in strips of 6 packets. Each packet contains 12.5 grams. Scissors may be used to cut single units from a strip. Cut only in heat sealer areas. Be careful not to cut into the packet.

Storage Standard recommends inspection of the film at least every two years to detect any changes in its condition. Molecular Sieve packets should be replaced every two years if stored at ambient temperatures and every 10 to 15 years if stored at NAPM recommended conditions of 2°C at 20-30% relative humidity.Dispose of this material in accordance with the material Safety Data Sheet provided with this product. Because of loss of effectiveness, we do not recommend rejuvenation.

"Note:This is normal specification, in case of a particular application, specification or requirement, please contact us by email at for technical information."



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