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How to Use the Molecular Sieve

Mar. 17, 2021

Molecular Sieve is held in a semi-permeable packet of FEIZHOU - which allows vapors to be easily scavenged and contained.

The Molecular Sieve packets should be placed evenly around the outside circumference of the film roll. The packets can be folded lengthwise for 16mm applications. Film and Molecular Sieve packets are then inserted in a polyethylene plastic bag. The bag should be folded over within the container.

If you decide not to use a bag, the can should be sealed with moisture proof tape. It is important that the container be clean and rust free.

Each Molecular Sieve packet contains 12.5 grams of Molecular Sieve desiccant. Using the proper amount of Molecular Sieve is important for optimum storage results. Never use more than the recommended amount.

"Noteļ¼šThis is normal specification, in case of a particular application, specification or requirement, please contact us by email at for technical information."



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