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The description of silver-exchanged lithium-X zeolite

Jan. 20, 2022

Crystalline zeolites in oxygen concentrators have differential selectivity with respect to the gaseous components of air, making it possible to remove nitrogen, argon and other trace elements from the feed air to the PSA process. Current oxygen concentrator technologies utilize NaX, CaX or LiX zeolites to selectively remove nitrogen from feed air in the PSA process. With such adsorbents, oxygen product purity is limited to nominally 95% because argon is not removed and concentrates in the product gas.

The Air Products pressure swing adsorption process and silver-exchanged lithium-x zeolite combine to enable the selective, initial adsorption of nitrogen over oxygen and argon and subsequently, the selective adsorption of argon over oxygen.

The description of silver-exchanged lithium-X zeolite

Air Products is offering for license a crystalline silver-exchanged lithium-X zeolite material and associated Pressure Swing Adsorption (PSA) process that enable production of gaseous oxygen at greater than 99% oxygen purity. By selectively removing argon, the offering enables production of high purity oxygen, a relevant challenge facing designers and suppliers of medical oxygen concentrator technology.

**The above information is for customers’ reference only. Performance characteristics vary depending on specific application. please contact us by email at if detailed application method for molecular sieve needed.



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