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The Advantages of Molecular Sieves

Oct. 21, 2020

Molecular sieves typically adsorb water much faster than other desiccant air dryers and they can reduce the humidity to much lower levels that the standard silica gel. They are also more effective than natural desiccants for applications that exceed normal room temperature. When properly used, they can be effective in reducing water molecules as low as 1ppm in specialized containers or to 10% relative humidity in packaging.

The Advantages of Molecular Sieves

Molecular Sieve Materials

In a strictly scientific sense, many natural desiccant dehumidifiers like lime, clay and silica gel also work by sieving molecules of water vapor, but commercial molecular sieves are made of synthetic crystalline aluminosilicates. Unlike desiccants found in nature, the control of pore size during manufacture produces selective adsorption characteristics.

The Advantages of Molecular Sieves



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