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Regeneration and Reuse of Molecular Sieves

Oct. 22, 2020

Regeneration and Reuse of Molecular Sieves

While some molecular sieves that remove alcohols and aromatic hydrocarbons use pressure to regenerate the sieve, the molecular sieves that are used for water-adsorption are usually regenerated by heating. For most industrial purposes, these temperatures range from about 250° to 450°F, similar to baking temperature settings for a standard kitchen oven.

Regeneration and Reuse of Molecular Sieves

Disadvantages of Molecular Sieves

Prices are higher than other forms of desiccant dehumidification; however, molecular sieves are also more efficient. The actual costs per unit and final value will depend upon other factors such as the volume to be dehumidified and level of dryness needed. Molecular sieves, while approved for use with pharmaceuticals in Europe, have not been approved by the FDA for either foodstuffs or pharmaceuticals in the US.

Molecular sieves have excellent capacity for and rates of adsorption, even at elevated temperatures. They are the only desiccant that is selective for molecular size.

Regeneration and Reuse of Molecular Sieves

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