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Attaplulgite Clay: So Many Applications

Aug. 11, 2021

Attaplulgite clay is a water-bearing magnesium-aluminum silicate, a type of clay mineral.  This mineral was first discovered in 1935 in Fort Doubtfire, Georgia, USA, and was only recognized as a special clay mineral in the 1950s when its structure and composition were confirmed by electron microscopy, giving it its name.

Attaplulgite clay is widely used in many fields such as chemical, metallurgy, building materials, medicine, agriculture, energy, environment and biology.

Attaplulgite Clay inside constructure

1,Building materials

It is made into mineral wool sound-absorbing board together with other fibers, which has the functions of fire prevention, decoration, heat preservation, energy saving, sterilization, sound absorption and air purification.  The coating film of albite coating is observed in the electron microscope, and its crystals are reticulately arranged and evenly distributed in the organic binder, so it is resistant to washing and rubbing.

2,Light Industry

Replacing soda leather with albite can save 20-30% of precious red alum and reduce cost.  Attaplulgite clay can be used as filler, leveling agent, thickener and stabilizer, etc. It has the advantages of good performance and low cost.


It can be used in decolorization and refining of edible oil, as well as filtering and clarifying agent for beer, juice and other beverages, which can not only decolorize but also remove microorganisms and adsorb aflatoxin, a strong carcinogen in vegetable oil.

4,Agriculture and animal husbandry

It is rich in trace elements and can effectively improve the soil structure and enhance the permeability of the soil.  It can promote the metabolism of animal organism, improve the feed conversion rate, make animals have strong appetite and rich fur, and reduce feeding costs.

Mortar Thixotropic Lubricant Agent


As the suspending agent filler of dyestuff, Attaplulgite clay has the advantages of no color loss, strong coloring power, scrub resistance, bright color, low production cost, etc. It can also be used as coating and scraping paste in textile industry. As printing paste, in the textile printing and dyeing industry, reactive dyestuff commonly used printing paste for sodium alginate.

6,Advanced materials

Attaplulgite clay is a superior carrier for radioactive waste, which can adsorb uranium and actinide elements, etc. It is gradually being promoted for nuclear power plants. Attaplulgite clay can be used in the preparation of new electrode materials, battery diaphragms and domain-limited catalysts, etc.

7,Geological exploration

The colloidal grade gravel clay is further processed physicochemically to increase its slurry making rate, which can be made into salt resistant clay conforming to OCMA and API standards, and applied to geological drilling, geothermal drilling and oil drilling.


In addition to the above-mentioned uses, graptolite is also used in various other industries and has been called the "king of thousands of clays". Follow FEIZHOU to get more information about clay.



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