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Feizhou Architectural Coatings Technology Exchange Conference and Tu Duo Du Materials Collection Salon Successfully Completed

Aug. 15, 2020

A few days ago,the Feizhou Architectural Coatings Technology Exchange Conference and the Tudoruo Raw Materials Collection Finance Stock Salon were successfully held in Anhui Mingzhou Feizhou New Material Co.,Ltd.Leaders from the city of Mingguang City and industry professionals and scholars from all over the country attended the conference.Ms.Hua Yan,General Manager of Feizhou New Materials Co.,Ltd.,said:The conference provided a platform for the exchange of architectural coating technology.It also allows the industry to have a clearer understanding of domestic paint raw materials including Feizhou attapulgite."



 During the meeting,Ms.Zhao Guanghua,Member of the Standing Committee of the Municipal Party Committee of Mingguang City and Director of Economic Development Zone,attended and addressed.She affirmed the positive effect of the meeting on the development of the industry,and she pointed out that Feizhou New Materials Co.,Ltd.relied on the advantages of local mineral resources,focusing on the development path of technology R&D in accordance with the laws of the market,and its development would serve as a demonstration for other local companies.With action.At the same time,she believes that the development of Feizhou's new materials will also contribute to the overall development of the paint industry.


In addition,the meeting also invited Prof.Gu Guangxin of Fudan University to attend the exchange.He gave a keynote speech on the application of attapulgite in coatings and the selection of fillers for non-metallic mineral additives,and applied knowledge on relevant raw materials for coating to discuss the exchange.


  The organizer Tu Duo CEO CEO Ms.Liu Zhai also delivered a keynote speech entitledTwo-wheel Driven E-Commerce Solutions for Traditional Chain Coatings Enterprises+Supply Chain Finance.She was from the B2B e-commerce.The role of industrial enterprises in promoting the development of the economy under the new normal under the paint industry is facing the financial difficulties and the long-tailed dealers on the supply side of the reform brought a detailed analysis of the same time,at the same time,Tu Duo through"Internet+"The development direction of upgrading,saving transaction costs,driving the cost reduction and efficiency improvement of the company was introduced in detail,and the introduction of the specific way of domestic leading raw material production companies like Feizhou new materials relying on the e-commerce platform to innovate marketing methods was introduced.





It is understood that Feizhou New Materials Co.,Ltd.was established in 1987 and is located in Mingguang City,Anhui Province.Relying on the joint research and development of several scientific research institutes at home and abroad,the first nanometer whisker attapulgite activation furnace production line was built to modify and activate the attapulgite soil,improve the dispersion performance of attapulgite clay,and provide a strong guarantee for the performance of its colloidal properties..At the same time,the company also built a standard nanometer whisker adobe testing laboratory,which controls the beneficiation,separation,modification,activation and inspection of finished products to ensure product stability.And established a series of high-demand corporate standards.In order to meet the needs of the market,it is the leading company in the domestic production of attapulgite products.





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