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how to know Deliquescent Dryer with molecular sieve

Dec. 03, 2020

A deliquescent Dryer with molecular sieve typically consists of a pressure vessel filled with a hygroscopic media that absorbs water vapor. The media gradually dissolves—or deliquesces—to form a solution at the base of the pressure vessel. The liquid must be regularly drained from the vessel and new media must be added. The media is usually in tablet or briquette form.

Deliquescent Dryer with molecular sieves have no moving parts and don’t require electrical power for operation. Common applications therefore often involve remote, hazardous, or mobile worksites. Deliquescent Dryer with molecular sieves are used for removing water vapor from compressed air, natural gas, and waste gases such as landfill gas and digester gas.

The performance of a deliquescent Dryer with molecular sieve, as measured by outlet dew point, is highly dependent on the temperature of the air or gas being processed, with cooler temperatures resulting in better performance.



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