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How to introduce Desiccant Cartridges

Jul. 07, 2021

FEIZHOU Desiccator Cabinets could be used by any type of desiccant. Most ideal desiccants are listed below:

FEIZHOU Desiccant Cartridges Ideal for Cleatech desiccator cabinets. Color turns to pink from blue when it can no longer absorb more moisture. It can be re-generated in either a conventional oven or a microwave oven. 2″x2″x1″ transparent polycarbonate container holds desiccant crystals. Each desiccant cartridge contains 45.5 gms of indicating Silica gel. It’s available in packs of four in a sealed bag.

Desiccant Types

Desiccant is a substance that absorbs water. It is most commonly used to remove humidity that would normally degrade or even destroy products sensitive to moisture.

The desiccant used in a desiccator normally made of the following desiccant materials. They are Molecular Sieve (Synthetic Zeolite). Each material has its own advantages and disadvantages when using them as the desiccant.

Molecular sieves (also known as Synthetic Zeolite) adsorb moisture more strongly than either silica gel or clay. Zeolites are minute crystalline solids that have a distinct structure. They generally comprise of oxygen, silicon, and aluminum in their scaffold, and water, cations, and other molecules in their pores. The molecular sieve desiccant can hold up moisture under 450 degrees F temperature. But It doesn’t have FDA approval for food and pharmacy items.

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