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How molecular sieve desiccant dryers work

Mar. 01, 2021

Figure 1: Basic Heatless Desiccant Dryer Source: Compressed Air Challenge

The most common desiccant is activated alumina that is in molecular sieve bead form. Because this molecular sieve desiccant can hold only so much water vapor, there needs to be a way to regenerate it once the desiccant becomes satuCentral to the operation of molecular sieve desiccant-style dryers are beds of some type of chemical that will remove water vapor from the compressed air by an adsorption process as the compressed air passes through it. rated.

molecular sieve Desiccant dryers are designed with two possible paths for the compressed air through two identical desiccant beds that are located inside two pressure vessels, or the dryer towers. When one tower is drying the compressed air, the other is in a regeneration cycle. The dryer has controls and a system of valves that will switch towers on a regular basis without interrupting the flow of compressed air with molecular sieve.

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