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Feizhou New Materials participated in the 2019 China Coatings Industry Summit and made a keynote speech

Aug. 17, 2020



Feizhou New Materials participated in the 2019 China Coatings Industry Summit and made a keynote speech



HC Chemical News:China Shanghai News,November 13-14,2019,jointly organized by HC Chemical Network,HC Coatings Network,and Buy Chemicals,Jiangsu Sanmu Group Co.,Ltd.specially supported,Zhejiang Fenghong New Material Co.,Ltd.Co-organizing the 2019 China Coatings Industry Summit with the theme of"catalytic original force·Seiko creation"and HC International"Hua Cai Award"China Paint Raw Material Influence Brand Award Ceremony was grandly held at Holiday Inn Shanghai Greenland.


At the 2019 China Coating Industry Summit Sub-Forum on the 14th-Green Energy-saving Architectural Coatings Technology Application Forum,Gu Wenyu,R&D engineer of Feizhou New Materials Co.,Ltd.of Mingguang City,with the theme of"Application of Attapulgite Clay in Architectural Coatings"From the concave earth resources,product introduction,product application and walk-in to the four aspects of Feizhou,simple explanations were given for everyone.


Gu Gong first introduced the four properties of attapulgite resources:1.Colloidal properties:It is used for various types of coatings,and it has the effects of stability,anti-settling and thixotropic thickening.2.Adsorption properties:food industry and other materials,desiccants,gases Or liquid mixture material separation,purification,environmental protection functional materials 3.Reinforcement properties:rubber and plastics industry reinforced filler 4.Carrier performance:catalyst carrier.

Gu Gong said that the chemical carrier attapulgite clay can improve the viscosity,thixotropy and hiding power of latex paint,which can improve the water separation and floating color phenomenon of the paint.After the attapulgite clay is dispersed in the system by fiber rods,the rod-like crystals are lapped together to form a spatial network structure,and various particles are filled in between the voids,so that the viscosity of the system is increased and the thickening effect is achieved.Under proper shearing force,the space network is easily destroyed,the viscosity of the system is reduced,and the fluidity is increased.When the shearing force disappears,the dispersed particles can be rearranged to form a new network and the viscosity of the solution is gradually recovered.Can play the role of thixotropic thickening in latex paint.This unique thickening mechanism guarantees smooth brushing and reduced spatter in the construction process.Viscosity recovers in a short time after construction,which is beneficial to the leveling of the coating film.After leveling,the viscosity quickly recovers to a high level to prevent sagging.The rod-like crystal spatial network structure can suspend the pigment particles,so that the water separation floating color phenomenon of the latex paint can be well improved.



  The attapulgite clay has four major advantages:providing thixotropic thickening and adjusting the rheology of the coating;improving the water separation and precipitation phenomenon,making the coating appearance uniform,improving the storage stability,improving the canning effect,and preventing the dripping of the paint film.Thick coating can be established;chemically inert,free of acid,alkali ions,no expansion coefficient.

  Finally,Gu Gong introduced in detail the Mingzhou Feizhou New Material Co.,Ltd.Mingguang Feizhou New Material Co., located in the economic development zone of Mingguang City,Anhui Province.It mainly produces high-grade adsorbents and new building materials.It is a national high-tech enterprise.Since its establishment,the company has always put product quality at the top of the company's development.With strict quality management system,advanced production equipment,and strict product testing standards,it has continuously provided high-quality,high-performance attapulgite-based non-metals for domestic and foreign customers.Mineral products.This year Feizhou New Materials brought two new products-the FZ300 and FZ400.





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