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Details of molecular sieve for oxygen generator in China

Sep. 07, 2021

At present, most of the oxygen generators on the market use domestic molecular sieves, but why do they promote the use of imported molecular sieves?

Because the molecular sieves are mixed, as long as the structure and size of domestic and imported molecular sieves are the same, even if 10% of the imported molecular sieves are used, the imported molecular sieves can be promoted to the outside world.

From the point of view of supervision, it belongs to the sideline ball, and it is also a manifestation of the profound and profound Chinese writing.

Therefore, when you choose an oxygen generator, try to choose a brand with a long machine life, stable oxygen concentration, and low after-sales rate.

Time is often the best proof, saving money is small, delaying the condition is big, hospitalization after the critical condition deteriorates, you think the patient is too weak, in fact, it is likely that the patient is inhaling invalid oxygen.

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