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Attapulgite thixotropic agent used in dry mixing mortar

Sep. 10, 2020

Attapulgite used in dry mixing mortar is made from high grade natural Attapulgite (the main content is Magnesium aluminum silicate), which is combined with polymer after modification. It is mainly used to control the thickening, anti-sagging and water retention properties. It owns advantages of less dosage, good water retention, strong thixotropy and excellent anti-sagging property.


Comparing with cellulose ether which is popularly applied in dry mortar, it has better anti-sagging property and easier in application. The application of Attapulgite  can reduce water content of the system. The water-reducing agent can be eliminated or greatly reduced in quantity in mortar formulation. Besides, Attapulgite has apparent price advantage and even reduce the danger may be caused by using organic substance like cellulose ether.Thus it is good for the environment.


Using cellulose ether as bentonite, both the anti-sagging and thixotropic performance is not good enough. Using FZ400 as Attapulgite, in case the water amount remains the same, the anti-sagging performance and the thixotropic performance can be improved greatly. In case the water retention and thixotropic performance keeps the same, reduce the water content to 90% against the original will make the anti-sagging property of mortar better. Using Competitor A and cellulose ether together ,the best indexes of mortar can be reached, but Competitor A is expensive, and cannot be used alone, which make it difficult to be widely used.



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