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Y Zeolite Molecular sieve used for the removal of VOCs

Sep. 04, 2020

Y Zeolite is a kind of micropores crystal material with framework structure, and the basic structure element is Si-O and Al-O tetrahedron which can form the secondary structure element like 4 membered ring, 6 membered ring and 8 membered ring by Si-O or Al-O bond. By connected with each other, the secondary structure element can form β cage.8 β cages arrange as diamond crystal pattern, and each C in diamond structure is replaced by β cage, and adjacent β cages are connected as Si-O -Si (Al)with 6 membered rings to form octahedral zeolite cage. A cell unit can be formed by connected octahedral zeolite cages with 12 membered rings.12-membered ring is the main window of octahedral zeolite cage with 0.74 nm of pore diameter.

It is understood that the relevant minerals of Feizhou New Materials are unique to Asia.After the development and utilization of the Feizhou Y Type,it has been applied in the free from VOCs field.Mission project have found that the Y type materials can not only make the VOCS adsorbent products more green and environmentally friendly.Moreover,compared with the same performance material(UOP honeywell),it has more prominent effects such as Crush strength and Adsorption capacity and can effectively reduce the production cost of the Oil & Gas.



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