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Feizhou Ultra stable Y Zeolite approved by Ohio Inc

Sep. 23, 2020


Mingguang Feizhou New Materials Co., Ltd. provided Ultra stable Y Zeolite and Successfully assisted in the implementation of the with an annual output of 80000 tons of high quality Ultra stable Y Zeolite project to  Ohio Inc.Minguang Feizhou new generation special Ultra stable Y Zeolite meet the technical requirements of the project.



Ohio, Inc is one of the largest high quality VOC adsorbent manufacturer.The zeolite mesh structure formed by Feizhou Ultra stable Y Zeolite product can effectively adsorb VOC in the application of industrial paint, and can establish a good environment.



This project is another successful case for Mingguang feizhou. It is also the set of successful application results since the marketing of new generation Ultra stable Y Zeolite


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