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Fertilizer synergist developed By Mingguang Feizhou successfully

Jul. 10, 2020

Mingguang Feizhou New Materials Co., Ltd. provided Fertilizer synergist and Successfully assisted in the implementation of the with an annual output of 8 million tons of high quality phosphate compound fertilizer project to CHIYODA Fertilizer Co., Ltd after three cycles of performance tests. Minguang Feizhou fourth generation special Attapulgite meet the technical requirements of the contract, The fertilizer synergist have been designed to ensure precise delivery and enhanced impact of technicals through the control of key factors such as liquid holding capacity, bulk density, resistance to attrition, as well as viscosity for special thixotropic agricultural applications.

CHIYODA Fertilizer Co., Ltd is one of the largest high quality phosphate compound fertilizer and phosphorus chemical production bases in South Korea. the fertilizer synergist can developed a range of agricultural carrier products designed to optimize the delivery of fertilizers crop inputs.

This project is another successful case for Mingguang feizhou. It is also the 22nd set of successful application results since the marketing of 4th generation fertilizer synergist.


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