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Feizhou Suspension Agent propertiy was well received by GMC INDUSTRIAL

Dec. 25, 2020

GMC INDUSTRIAL CO.LTD from india sign the contract on site with Feizhou.The china superior Thickening Agent production company Mingguang Feizhou New Material Co.,Ltd provide its advantage new material Suspension Agent  to Mission in paint system.This product has been well received by GMC INDUSTRIAL CO.LTD for its many advantages such as environmental protection.


After using Feizhou Suspension Agent propertity of the experimental materials surprised Mission.Hua Yan,general manager of Feizhou New Materials,said:“The raw materials of Feizhou Suspension Suspension Agent are formed by the evolution of volcanic ash under special conditions over millions of years.As a natural raw material resource,it is precious and rare.”


It is understood that the relevant minerals of Feizhou New Materials are unique to Asia.After the development and utilization of the Feizhou Suspension agent ,it has been applied in the coating paint field.Dofly Biochemicals Co. Ltd project have found that the Suspension Agent materials can not only make the coat painting more green and environmentally friendly.Moreover,compared with the same performance material(BASF),it has more prominent effects which can effectively reduce the production cost of coating paint.



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